Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Galician.

Audiovisual Translation
–Dubbing and voice-overs: translation and dialogue adaptation.
–Subtitling: translation, spotting, revision.
Sworn Translation
Sworn translations are certified translations produced by sworn translators and interpreters who have been selected by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The Ministry publicly authenticates the accuracy of the translation using its signature and seal.

I have been a sworn translator for English-Spanish since 2008. I produce sworn translations of all types of documents: certificates and academic qualifications; register office certificates; legal, commercial, technical documents…
I specialise in the translation of texts about art:
–Museum guides.
–Exhibition texts (panels, labels, catalogues, etc.).
–Books and art magazines.
–Academic texts.
–Didactic materials.
General and Technical Translation
I also translate general texts (curricula vitae, press releases, correspondence, etc.) and in other subject areas (diet, oenology, tourism, mining, environment, instruction manuals, education, etc.).
Translation Proofreading
I compare the original text and the translation to correct and improve the final result in any way necessary: spelling, false rendering, borrowed terms, lexical errors, omissions, etc.

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