Languages: English, Spanish and Galician.

Consecutive Interpreting
This type of interpreting is recommended for speeches, presentations and conferences, when the technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting is unavailable. The orator speaks for intervals of time previously agreed upon, during which I listen and take notes on what is said. Afterwards I reproduce the discourse in the mother tongue of the listeners.
Liaison Interpreting and Accompaniment
As a liaison interpreter, I serve as a link between two parties who do not speak the same language; these could be two people, one person and a small group, or two small groups. This is ideal for business meetings, company visits, administrative procedures, etc. If necessary, I also accompany clients to any place they need to go during their stay to facilitate the communication.
Telephone Interpreting
As the name suggests, I interpret telephone calls (or via Skype) between two people who do not speak the same language. This type of interpreting is the perfect solution when the participants are in different geographic locations.

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